The Festival of Moving Media is a primarily documentary based film festival running annually in early November and taking place in Guelph, Ontario. The goal is to bringchallenging, dynamic films that are not available through mainstream media to our urbancentre, to help promote social and environmental awareness while building communitydialogue and cooperation.

The Festival of Moving Media celebrates film and video works created both in Canada and Internationally. We also collaborate with the local groups such as the artist run Ed Video Media Arts Centre to help promote new works by local artists.

The Festival of Moving Media is one of the first documentary film festivals. It began in 1984 as the The Guelph International Film Festival in a partnership between the Guelph International Research Centre (GIRC) and the Development Education Program of the University of Guelph's Centre for International Programs.

The festival was originally funded by the Canadian International Development Agency and the University of Guelph's College ofArts and Social Sciences and the Central Student Association. Local businesses and City Council also contributed additional sponsorship.In the eighties, the Festival ran for seven consecutive years drawing large audiences to its unique mix of international feature films and documentaries.

After a 13-year hiatus, the festival was revived in 2003 by the Guelph International Resource Centre (GIRC); a 30 plus year old non-profit, non governmental organization that educates Canadians about global issues aswell as their local links.

The Festival changed its name to the Festival of Moving Media in 2008 to reflect current documentary trends and the explosion of online media. The Festival continues to feature a selection of global documentaries addressing local and international issues, visiting directors, workshops, and programming for children.

One of the unique aspects of this festival is the opportunity the audience is given to discuss media art and the impact of films and videos after each screening. Many films include a host speaker and discussion after the screening. A large proportion of the films are by donation, keeping the festival affordable for all.

In 2011, the Guelph International Resource Centre became dormant and the Festival became independent. It is currently being run by a non profit collective of media artists and arts administrators.

The goal of the Festival of Moving Media Artists Collective is to facilitate the Festival's transition from being a project of the Guelph International Resource Centre to a registered independent not-for-profit organization. Incorporation will be completed in the Fall of 2013.

About this Year's Festival

The Festival of Moving Media has always been proud of its balance of grassroots action with international perspective, promoting community building, environmental and social justice issues, and championing the small stories that enrich our lives.

This year's theme, "How We Navigate Our World", is the perfect encapsulation of FOMM's goals as we celebrate our 10th consecutive year. By addressing important and challenging topics while remaining anchored by personal stories that humanize the issues, this year's films demonstrate that acts of Love, Courage and Acceptance are political and powerful. We start the festival with an ending and end the festival with a beginning.

We open with Spring and Arnaud, a story of love and art at the end of life, and close with Maidentrip,the inspiring story of 14 year old Laura Dekker's solo sailing trip around the world. There are stories of pushing personal limits like Bending Steel or finding one's own voice in My Prairie Home.

We learn about letting go in Furever and the importance of vigilance in Carbon Rush and Google and the World Brain. We see new solutions to old problems in Tiny: A Story of Living Small and learn more about Canada in Last Chance, Hue: A Matter of Colour, and Tales from the Organ Trade.

Along side our film lineup we have the ongoing Hidden Histories series, this year's focus is Guelph's 105 years of cinematic history presented in two exhibitions and a walking tour. We also have workshops, karaoke singing, and guest speakers including visiting directors, Oscar winning animator Stephen Barnes, and Guelph's own World Championstrongman “6 Pack” Lapadat.

We wish you happy travels as you navigate four days of fantastic films, workshops,displays, and discussions.


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